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Yes. Just ran part of TFB with server mates. no BH comms. Now that BH gear is 350 per piece (not sure if anyone noticed that) I figured there would be an increase in BH comms. as it stands right now, most of us will be getting one piece every month or so. its pretty disgusting really.

I figured the balance would be that we would get more BH Comms from the Ops runs....but were getting none.

Ironically, the new OP (TFB) is dropping a TON of gold. we got just past second boss and most of us had averaged 100k for that one sole run. 100k credits...and zero BH comms. zeeeeerrrrro

I hope this is a bug, because prices are stupid high right now. I don't know if Bio realizes this, but people will stop running the Ops. yeah, the story is great....the first time. Do you honestly think people are going to run it any more when there's no reward? why do that when i can just run one HM daily and get more BH comms then i get an entire run. this is beyond silly. im /buggin it.
It has to be a bug. It really does not make sence! And if it is not a bug. what where u thinking bioware???
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