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A week later after seeing Mandalore and returning to Dromund Kaas....

I let myself tell myself that I had forgotten him. But it's hard to forget someone you are consciously trying to forget. It was only a glance. Shouldn't be this hard to forget.

He wasn't on Mandalore's station.

So I was surprised to see him on Dromund Kaas.

Mandalorians stood talking around fires. He was not in traditional armour. Again. He was the first to see me. All stopped to ogle. His eyes never left me. I was conscious of them. Staring. He moves up around his friend. Better position to watch.

The space outside the yawning black cave is a vast clearing. Towering dark green trees attempt to meet in a canopy over the barren area, the sun still reaching down. Surprised this area is clear. Most of Drumond Kaas, a wild cess pit of carnivorous monsters that is the Imperial Capital, is untamed jungle of green and purple plants. Imperial buildings and estates are like birds' nests coddled and suffocated in trees.

Despite the warmth of this festering and light of the clearing, there are still fires in their camp. Sergeants walk along lines of bare chested Mando's doing drills. Sergeant's and loitering Mandalorians are all in traditional armour, but all have helmets off and are watching. As expected, there are no females in sight. No wonder Mandalorian's turn to adoption.

'This is a camp for warriors, not hikers. You are not welcome here.' I feel Mandalorians walking up and around us, their eyes watching Mako, Gault and I. Mako shifts uncomfortably and blushes under their gaze. Most had their arms crossed or on their hips. There posture is still casual. They just wanted to watch a show.

I sneer at blondies friend. 'I go where I want. Pick the fight with someone you can beat.' I go to walk away towards the cave. But the dumb ugly punk isn't finished.

'Leave. I am not telling you again. Or I will put a knife in your gut.'

'Tough words. Care to attempt to back them up.' He makes a move. More a flinch. I am faster. My gun is centimetres from his head before he even touches his own. 'Pow. Your dead.'

The Mandalorian stares at me with hatred in his eyes. I sneer wider. Mandalorians are pathetic.

Blondie steps forward slightly. I glance his way. His heart beat is even. Relaxed. His mouth is twitching at the edges; a tiny smile in the corners. He seems serious. He is strong. Leaner than most Mandalorians. A scar like tridents of old is on each cheek. I like the look of him.

'She's more warrior than you, Jogo.' He tries not to smile, but I can tell he is under the shadow of a frown. He is smart. Yes. I think I like the look of him a lot. And that is a dangerous, terrifying thing.

This 'Jogo' is offended. Slightly humiliated. I don't know why, but he is easy to read. He leers at the kid. 'You're one to judge, huh, arue'tal?' A traitor's blood. Interesting.

The kid ignores the jibe, keeps cool. Very smart. 'Huntmaster declared her Grand Champion.' I smirk a little. He remembers. Something spasms in my chest. I ignore it.

His 'friend' is dismissive. Derisive. It's big talking for someone with a gun in their face. But it doesn't earn my respect, only my spite. I think about shooting him. But it would prove troublesome. His friends voice is dumb. I can tell he is an idiot. Good thing Mandalorians pride combat over brains. The others all stiffen a little.

Blondie shakes his head and turns his back to Jogo. It shakes his hair. I turn to him. But I don't lower my arm.
'Never mind. It's an honour.'

I smirk a little. Honour is a funny thing. I don't believe in it. 'Your friend has a death wish. Thinking about making good on it.'

Blondies lips twitch some more. I want him to smile. 'Yeah. Ignore him. He's not too bright.' I smile. Not smirk. Something passes between us. It is startling. I want more than this moment. And that is even more terrifying. I must kill whatever this kid has caused in me. It has no place in someone like me. Something like me.

I lower my arm from his friends face. 'So you got a name, kid?' He frowns. No twitching. Kids got pride. Despite his status.

'Torian Cadera. Not a kid.' I smirk.

But I nod too. 'You're still young, kid. But I'm sorry. Meant no offence.'

'Older than you.' I let it slide. Years have no meaning over me. I am hundreds of years old. 'But no insult taken.' Yes. I removed the moment. And a lot more. But he stills speaks. 'Taking the head of one of our beasts?'

'Something like that. I will know it when I see it.' Don't know why I'm still talking to him. I'm wasting time. Time is everything. Especially when there's an expiry date.

'Sire of the brood.' He's heard of it. 'You can feel it's heart beat in the walls.' I stop and listen. Yes. I can hear a heartbeat. Large above all others. It will be deafening in the fight. I hold back a sigh. Hearing implants can be a pain.

'Better warriors than you have tried. They never return.' I smirk at Jogo's retreating figure. No Mandalorian is a better warrior then me. No one is.

And I always return.