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They should just make it so PvE and PvP are two seperate things, that way the game gets alot easier to balance as well and yes other games have done this and yes it does work very well.

You make it so each ability have 2 stats, one for PvE and one for PvP. For example take Electrocute, make it have the 10m range in PvP but when used in PvE it is still 30m range. How does the game know what stat to use? Simple PvP flag on or off?
I would love this and BioWare already has the ability in this game because they already do it with taunt skills, they work differently on PCs than they do on NPCs, so why can't/won't they do it for other skills? More work? Most likely but it might keep more players on both sides happy. I"m tired of skills I use often in PvE being changed because of the Resolve system in PvP.

Also, PvP will never be balanced the way people want because some classes are supposed to be better than others, the only ones that are supposed to be more closely balanced are the mirror classes. At least, that is what BioWare said once but maybe they changed their mind.

Funny-ish anecdote, I was playing my Vanguard earlier and forgot Cryo Grenade was shortened by 20m and I almost died. Oops.