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OMG the drama..

who would have thought.

Lio and Nemms love child Takeyourmeds, finding out his true identity after years of abuse in foster homes is out for revenge.
Nemm in a strange dream sequence has found herself on Imperial fleet dressed in purple and torturing bunnies...perhaps its secret anger at being forced to give up her love child to foster care by Lio.

Ward finds out he is actually Lio's long lost twin and jumps to Republic side to find out the truth.. only to find out that Lio has fled to Imperial space looking for revenge...He could not possibly be the father of Takeyourmeds as he was on a space mission when he was conceived..could it be his Evil Imperial twin is responsible?

Mylord just released from the mental hospital returns to Imperial fleet and expresses his undying love to Zirx, who after having an operation to reduce the size of his massive cannon to more managable proportions is still impressing all with how he can use it.... not to menton he now has 2...

Tune in next week for our next exciting and twisted episode of the world famous GUILD DRAMA series

Dayz of Master D..

Feel free to add your own episodes and twisted plots, lets see how far this goes...
(just keep it good clean fun hmm)

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