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The nerfs get done because the PVPers whine and because PVP "is what MMO's are"... and no one sees that most players do much more PVE than PVP.
Not disregarding your whole post but this part summarizes it all!

If this game was only about PvP there wouldn't have operations or HM flashpoints nor world bosses raids, or groups organizing to invade the oposite faction outpost just for fun!

Also, if this game was only about PvP, the PvP pop up for warzones wouldn't take so long to appear because everyone in the whole game would be playing it.

I mean... I don't refuse to play PvP 100%... but I'm more like 97% PvE than PvP... I only go PvP'ing when I want something from the vendor or it's a ranked warzone day with my guildies!

I just wish that the devs to stop by and check this thread...
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