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Anakin during Revenge was weaker than when he was in the suit. He lost the potential to become 200% of Sidious, but he became much stronger than pre-suit.

Vader is no slouch with the Force. He's one of the most powerful ever. The only people that have a good chance of beating him are:

Mace Windu
Darth Caedus
Luke Skywalker
Kyle Katarn
(maybe) Exar Kun
Darth Sidious

There are a few more, but they come from the NJO period.
at this point im just starting to think ur just incredibly biased to side with anyone in NJO. to call vader one of the most powerful EVER? now surely not even u can believe that. revan's force power imo is on a whole nother scale than vader. idk why u think vader is god statistically but a fan is afan i suppose. i dont believe revan is invincible but is def more than capable to fight ANY opponent and possibly win. u make it seem he has no chance at all. vader is iconic not the strongest by far. his only attribute he could rely on in a fight with revan is his physical strength and thats only cuz he's half robot lol. revan has physical strength, the most force knowledge of anyone ( btw revan used force lightning as jedi under no stress or weakness at all) is acrobatic, heightened foresight, force skill, a mind game master, expert tactitian, etc. the moment he encountered vader he would have a plan to defeat him. revan is legendary for a reason. revan>vader (i still love vader tho)
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