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They should just make it so PvE and PvP are two seperate things, that way the game gets alot easier to balance as well and yes other games have done this and yes it does work very well.

You make it so each ability have 2 stats, one for PvE and one for PvP. For example take Electrocute, make it have the 10m range in PvP but when used in PvE it is still 30m range. How does the game know what stat to use? Simple PvP flag on or off?
I loved your idea and thanks God there's someone that thinks in this whole forum...

It doesn't seem to be a hard thing to implement and it's quite obvious.

"But oh... I'm questing in a world and I can't use long range abilities cuz they're in PvP mode!?"

It's simple... just "stay cool" for 5 mins and you're fine.

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They cope by having 'gape closer' abilities, we do not.
They have multiple defensives CDs, we do not.

Like OP said, those nerfs are PVP based, nothing more.
Someone here ^^^^^^ got the idea...

I'm complaining because we, the PvE players have to pay because of the PvP whinners...

Now I'm struggling to adapt myself to the tactics tree because now I'm obligated to stay under the 10 meters range to use all my abilities, which I could do before staying safer around 15 ~ 20 meters (medium range to me).

And to be honest... I'm feeling jeopardized... and loosing the interest to play me beloved vanguard... I even have the whole Hydra set to start a Ptech BH, but if this keep like that... I'm not sure anymore!
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