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Quote: Originally Posted by Stenrik View Post
Same animation rig proportions
Speak basic
Same facial expression rig
Compatible with same voice actors
Able to romance current playable species
Able to wear all helmets

Ridiculous? I think not.
I have this....thing....against furries. No offense. They just rub me the wrong way. Probably because most of the fans are all OH LOOK KITTY PERSON and are sickeningly overjoyed about it. With little hearts posted in the details like this <3.

Personally, though, I'm all for the Jawa idea. If for no other reason than so when I need my "do horrible things to squeaky little people" fix I don't have to fly out all the way to Tatooine or to Belsavis to make Blizz tank a rancor. Almost makes me miss the gnomes and goblins from WoW.
I used simple happy language words to help you understand.
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