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09.26.2012 , 09:38 PM | #19
If you honestly think SWTOR didn't fail it's community I really don't know what to say to that. That's fine. There will always be die hard fans who will vehemently defend their chosen product and I understand that. I also understand there are a lot of people who tear through a games endgame and then claim it's bad. Those people suck no question about it.

But SWTOR failed the playerbase. It's the biggest failure in gaming history (maybe entertainment history). SWTOR just doesn't have enough content. It is extremely similar to WoW and the hot key based MMOs before it. It's incredibly static and doesn't feel alive at all. EA/BioWare/I don't care whoever is in charge absolutely sucks at communicating with their fanbase. The game was released before it was ready. They push updates incredibly slowly. The Hero Engine is absolutely terrible, incredibly prone to bugs, and can't handle large numbers of people (which for an MMO is sort of important). Even the story when compared to other single player games (some in BioWare's own catalogue!) like Grand Theft Auto, Mass Effect, and KOTOR isn't that great.

The worst part is the game is fun. If it launched with patch 1.2, kept up consistent updates, didn't spend so much on VO, and actually communicated with their fans, and didn't use the hero engine it'd be in a lot better shape.

If you think SWTOR didn't fail the playerbase I think you are blind to it's problems. None of the things I just brought have to do with rabid fanboys tearing the game down. No one likes rabid fanboys but to blame them for the condition SWTOR is is absolutely ridiculous and is an insult to the intelligence of anyone who's quit this game or plans to quit this game.