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Pretty much agree with Shava.

It's like MTV... You can talk about how some videos were all about the era or whatever, but how many times did they play 'Ice, Ice, Baby' back in the day, selling advertising and making money hand over fist, only to later jump on the 'worst video of all time' wagon when they thought that that would make them look cooler?

These gamers are the same.

Whatever they choose to play is the greatest game ever, but when they decide to move on (and they are a fickle bunch... They move on a lot), whatever they used to play somehow transforms into the worst thing ever.

It's not 'cool' enough to simply like what you like, play it, and be happy.
It's only 'cool' when you badmouth other games and the people that play them, and goodness knows that there are a bunch of people that feel inadequate unless they think that they have made themselves look 'cool' to total strangers that probably wouldn't spit on them if they were on fire if they met them in the real world.

After all, that wouldn't be 'cool'.
What's even funnier is after they bash their previous games, they come to a new game and then bash that for not being like the one they were already bashing. Pythonesque petulance.
Expansion story should never have been made exclusive to solo play. Unbolstered Flashpoints, HMs and Ops should never have been removed. Loot tables should never have been removed. Level sync should have been instanced and made optional. Companion combat customization should never have been removed. #RemoveRNG