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Granted, but I don't like that fight because Vader could so easily kill Fett. If a blind man could do it, why not Vader?
Han Solo defeated Fett on accident while Fett was fighting Luke Skywalker. Boba Fett came close to getting slaughtered by Vader but in the end, came out on top.

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Reborn Sidious did that. Just visit Sidious' powers on the Wookieepedia and you'll see what he can and cannot do.
Look at the price it exacted though, his clone bodies rapidly deteriorated due to those displays of power, I don't think the clone emperor was playing with a full deck; cause he was constantly causing his bodies to deteriorate. The original Palpatine knew that those kind of displays exacted a serious toll on his body.

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I know. The game had some good action in it, but the story was a bit bland.
The game only had half of the story.

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I give Revan credit where credit is due. So yes, he pulled off impressive feats. But Vader could beat Revan in a one v one. They're both some of the greatest of their time, but Vader has done more impressive things in duels. He defeated Cin Drallig, arguably one of the Jedi Order's greatest Battlemasters. He defeated him while simultaneously fighting several other Jedi. He also almost defeated Obi-Wan Kenobi, the master of Soresu.
Maybe, maybe not, by all accounts Revan shouldn't have been able to beat Malak, but it didn't stop him. While Kreia often lied in KotOR II, I don't think she lied about Revan's power. If you analyze Malak's fighting style, it stands to reason that he used Djem So, or something extremely similar to Djem So. We also have to remember that without his entire memory in that final battle with Malak, he was even more powerful than when he was the Sith Lord.

While I think Revan is often overrated, I think he is powerful enough to be able to take on Darth Vader and not only survive, but actually win. I don't think there is as big of a mismatch in power as people think.

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The NJO used the Wall of Light power that destroyed Kun's spirit. It took the full power of the NJO as well as Luke Skywalker to defeat him. The same Luke Skywalker that defeated Darth Sidious in a Lightsaber duel. But I do agree that Kun wasn't the smartest of Sith. There is a good chance of him getting beat early.
Luke didn't provide much of an assist, it was mostly his trainees, and while they would become the New Jedi Order, they were still only half-trained when they took down Exar Kun.