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You do realize that some people feel that their current columi gear is not sufficient enough to do lost island, or some people are asked to leave or kicked from story mode ops because their columi gear is "Not good enough."

Just saying, for some people who are more into role playing and such, with the new tier gear that is out, there is no reason why rakata tokens and gear should not drop in the regular hard modes, or at least what a couple of people in this thread have suggested, making an alt version of the reg hard modes harder to get the rakata gear/tokens, which is a fantastic idea.

And, just so you know, I personaly dont' "Need" the gear, just want it so I don't feel like im being left too far behind, seeing as a new tier level just came out.
Honestly, Take your columi, do HM flashpoints once per day, do dailies and all that columi melts away into BH enhanced columi. People just have to use their brains and wait for it SPEND ALITTLE TIME PLAYING THE DAMN GAME.