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What does the TOS have to do with this? We're only talking about what people personally believe they will get out of their subscription fees. EA's INTENT doesn't matter.

If there is a gap between customer expectation and what EA is offering then that is EA's fault. Their inability to understand this sort of thing is why people stopped paying.
Then those people who's expectations are not being met should do just that, stop paying. Simple as that, just cancel your sub.

EA's intent DOES matter and it matters more than your personal belief. How so ? Your personal belief only affects YOU, EA's intent affects EVERYONE who buys their product.

If people believe they should recieve something more than "access to the game" for thier sub fee, then their either morons or delusional or a bit of both. How so ? Go argue your PERSONAL BELIEF against THEIR legal document in a court of law. Even the bum in the back of the court is gonna laugh at you.

EA's failure is on them. I will take no personal responsibility for their mistakes. I will neither buy Boxes or the keys to open them, MY CHOICE ( as it should be, as it always will be ). I know, taking into consideration, their track record so far, as well as their current plans, it is no longer a matter of IF but WHEN i cancel my sub. I take responsibility for ME and myself alone. EA's choices are EA's choices and only effect me if i allow it.