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09.26.2012 , 06:34 PM | #11
I have to agree with Shava. I love SWTOR it is a great game and I gladly pay my subscription, but there are plenty of the players mentioned ( and you can read the QQ and whine threads elsewhere to see it for yourself) that she mentioned that influence all games including WOW. (reference to Pandas and Cat folk) I like most of the players in TOR even that crazy half naked player that runs in the wz's like a soccer streaker. The PvE, PvP and story line are better then any game out there and can be related to by most everyone even remotely familar with the Films,cartoons and the video games. It is a shame that some fan sites were abandoned or not being updated any longer. I am sure there will be a fan site that will come out of it for players by players.

Good luck and good hunting and most of all HAVE FUN.