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point out where in the TOS it says 12 of every 15 dollars you give to EAware must/will go towards content patches for TOR. I dare you.
Point out in the TOS where it explains how the game is going to survive when everyone with a brain leaves after months of zero content updates and now everything going in the cash shop and gambling boxes.

I love how people keep chanting this "TOS, TOS" thing. "You only pay for access". Sorry, but if MMO A offers me access plus regular updates and new content for $15 and SWTOR offers "access" for $15, anyone who continues to subscribe at that point is wasting their money.

The answer to "I'm not getting enough for my money's worth" is not to tell the customer "You only get a tiny bit even if we advertise that we are giving you lots." Try that in any other business and you'll either be laughed out of business and bankrupt or sued for false advertising.
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