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09.26.2012 , 04:51 PM | #1
The droids in the initial phase of Kephess right now have been buffed their calibrating Shots buff.

Previously had:
Cast: 0.5.
Effect: +12% damage output.

You had to interrupt it but it wasnt and impossible fight to push through. It was pretty easy.

Right now the Calibrating Shots buff gives an additional effect: +12% damage reduction to the droid. This makes the boss enter a imba enrage mode (with red color effect) at 8 stacks, because it cannot be killed.

Even trying interrupting Calibrating Shots on the 3 droids with 2 tanks, and 4 dps the dps is too spread to down the three of them quickly enough and on top of it the casting classes lose dps when they cannot finish the casts or channel abilities.

Any developer knows whats going on? Any guild has found this bug/buff to difficulty?
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