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I don't know why everyone is hating on Bioware for this. They're trying to get people to enjoy the game for as long as they want and if they enjoy it and want more they'll subscribe. I believe that Bioware has done a great thing here by opening up the game to the public. They can try the game and see if they like it. I for one have tried DCUO, STO and LOTRO because they all have f2p and i'm still playing all three. SWTOR can only benefit from this so if you whiney subs can't accept that, go post your **** somewhere else. Bioware are trying to help and you're spitting in their faces.
I agree.

I think they should sell *most* everything in the FTP shop. Vanity items, level up tokens, new speeders, all except highest pve/pvp gear. They need the money to float this game. For all the yelling, screaming louder isn't going to help. Our subs are not floating least not well enough for EA and Lucas to be happy. So it's either this or shut the game down. I want the game to grow not shrink and close. (Like CoH/CoV) sniff

Just vanity item shop ala WoW won't help, mark my words.