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As someone who does not PVP at all, and runs HM FPs from Group Finder daily, I think this is a great idea. I've seen many players instantly decline the FP group finder, and have come to realize that most of this is due to them being in a WZ. And if you are having to wait a long time for a PVE group finder, you may want to look at the reason why (ignore list?). On my dps I usually only have to wait between 5 and 15 minutes.

What you are most likely experiencing is the Group Finder queuing people up as a class they are not. For an example, I can not tell you how many times my DPS Merc (Even though I carefully selected him as DPS *I have video to prove this...had to make a video because people kept acting like I had no idea how to use the Group Finder Properly when I reported it as a bug) and instead of it queuing you as DPS, it would queue you as a Healer.

Those people queuing up and then dropping are most likely being queued as something they are not. I wonder how many of those people you placed on your ignore list? I know for me, I quit a WS when a queue pops if it looks like I can not complete the WZ within the time frame given.

Thing is, I can not do the planet all. Been there and done that on 6 level 50's. Now the only four ways I level is Space, PvP, Story Mode FP's and when available, Class Quests.

So now, with people learning that they can no longer queue for both, PvPers are no longer queuing for Flash Points. At least this is what it appears to be. So if I want to queue for a Flash Point as a lowbie, I have to sit and wait...and do pretty much nothing while I wait. Today I waited for 2 and a half hours. That frustrated me to a point that I just said to hell with it and logged off completely.

My time is very valuable to me, wasting it for 2 and a half hours waiting on a queue was a complete waste of a few hours in a short life.
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