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I have no problems with FPS...sits right at ~60 like its supposed to with VSync on.

However, I experienced the stuttering problems. I disabled shadows, no change. Then one by one I disabled or turned to low all of the other graphics options and still had the stuttering. Then I noticed that the stuttering only occurs when moving the camera view in a vertical direction, never when strictly horizontal. I then tried disabling VSync and still no change.

I was running the game in Fullscreen mode, but then switched to Fullscreen (Windowed) and all problems were solved, plus my FPS went up, thought that really wasn't a concern.

The only caveat is that I have to keep Shadows on Low to prevent the stuttering.

Hope this helps some of you straighten things out.

Edit: The downside to this is that it makes my 560Ti run about 8 to 10 deg C hotter than usual.
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