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09.26.2012 , 02:03 PM | #20
I like just about everything. Good job BW. The only thing I didn't like really is the stun from 10. I feel like it's almost not worth it. I thought the stun system was great. I thought it just created more of a challenge in games like Huttball where you couldn't walk through fire with ball etc. I mean why not at least 15? That made it fun in a lot of ways. I also miss the jumping animation in FW (but FW it's self is fine)..that's not as bad as stun. Overall though, the update is great, if nerfing stun is going to make people happy than that's cool with me, the more WZ players the better.

There are some minor glitches (hide head slot, whisper from chat, and mail) but hey no big deal, I'd rather have the update now and have the glitches fixed and have to wait longer.

Good job Bio Ware!

* I'm fine with waiting for a new WZ cause I have to learn how to use my character differently again anyway with all the changes to it and to the current WZ maps.