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Wait, I'm a bit confused. You could queue for both before, but wasn't it that when one popped you would automatically drop out of the queue for the other?
No. You could run WZs all day long, until your Queue for Flash Points would finally popped. It did bite for PvP, because people would drop during this time, but what hurts, is the fact that the Flash Point queues (Pre 50) can take several hours some times. Longest I have waited was for 4 and a half hours. I had literally forgotten I was even in a Flash Point Queue.

So now, I have to make a choice, either sit in an unknown lengthy queue, never knowing how long it will take, whilst doing absolutely nothing...or run WZ all day and all night to level...until I am high enough level to run another Class Story mission.

What irritates me a bit more about this, is the fact I have wasted 200K plus Credits on the extra XP Legacy buffs for Flash Points. I would have never done that if I had known this was coming.

Trying not to sound like a whiner here, just trying to be informative to my point of view.
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