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I watched this a few days ago and find myself agreeing with it, others do not though.
That video while interesting lacked on a few things.

1. Vader was more adaptable due to his heavy training regimen.
2. Vader had a stronger connection to the Force than anyone in the History of the Expanded Star Wars Universe, with the possible exception of his children, which negated the disadvantage imposed by his cybernetics. That was the only reason why Palpatine never replaced him, and didn't even try to until Luke Skywalker came to light.
3. No one knew that Vader was weak against Force Lightning or else anyone would have been able to beat him.

The only person in that foursome that I would even give any chance against Vader would be Bane.
1. While training in the ways of the Dark Side Bane was able to so over power his fellow disciples that he easily killed a fellow student while training by breaking through his opponent's Force shield with out even realizing it.
2. Bane was so powerful that his disciple, Zannah, was afraid to Challenge him, even when she knew that he was expecting it, and was also weakening due to age, to the point that he was worried that she would dilute the Sith by simply letting him die due to old age.
3. At the end of the third Bane book he is in a contest of wills with Zannah, and after winning , we don't really know which one did, which ever one actually won claimed to be Zannah. If that where true the Force Technique Bane used should have been lost, but we have seen it used elsewhere in the Expanded Universe. The Emperor used it to transfer himself to cloned bodies, and the Coboath clone also used, or attempted to use it. Unless Zannah or her apprentice was able to learn the technique enough to learn it, due to the fact that Bane destroyed the Holocron he learned it from, Palpatine should not have been able to use that technique to move from one body to the next.
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