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And it's nice to be back. After playing a few other MMORPGS ( ) i came to see how SW:TOR is better ( at least for me ), even with the ( "amazing ") current way Bioware ''supports'' it.

I didn't make this thread seaking attention for posts " welcome back noob ", i opened it because of a question. What is new ?

Mainly i am interested in what did they do with the PvP reward system? Did they change the '' 30 empty champion bags in row " system, or...?

No more bags just strait comms that you can turn in. No more ilim dailies either you get one weekly worth 300wz comms and 300 Ranked wz comms. 1 daily worth 100 of both comms. Gearing does not take as long as it did. Bad news those that stayed are fully geared.