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09.26.2012 , 11:45 AM | #7
Well .. was looking forward to this patch for the new Op but mostly coz I believed there was finally going to be a mobility fix for melee Smugglers with a change to the Sneak ability. Haven't been able to try the new Op because maintenance went so long it took it to past 1am Aussie time. Then I discover the Sneak addition is only available for Scrapper tree and not Dirty Fighting .. o come on ur kidding? I'm campaign geared so rarely use GF for anything so where it spits me out is irrelevant, apart from the odd round of dailies I only use companions as sweatshop workers so I dont care if their gear matches or not (though I can see how useful these are). Shadows r working nicely for me so that's a bonus. However .. the most glaring graphical bug of companions weapon glow staying put on their dismissal was still not fixed .. seriously? And they broke the GTN on deployment of patch. /facepalm

So .. until my guild run of TfB which unfortunatley won't happen for several days seeing as the patch was deployed on our Ops run night rather than the usual maintenance night - for a DF Scoundrel endgame player like me this patch is almost a non event. Disappointing for the lack of almost any fixes/additions at all for my class to boot. Back to running all over the place to bosses and such while I watch Jedi's force leap and ranged just turn and shoot ...