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09.26.2012 , 11:23 AM | #21
This is getting off topic so I'll drop it after this. Yes, I run Windows 8, I understand that it's not "officially" on the market yet, and that you may not support it. That is not my issue.. There seems to be an issue between the game and the video drivers, at this point, just from reading comments in this forum alone, I can see that.

The fact that everything worked for me before the patch, and that everyone else is seeing this issue on "Supported" OS's would generally indicate that my OS version is not the issue. I did not ask for direct support, I was just chiming in saying that I had the same issue with a different setup than the original poster. I would assume that if a workaround was found, or a patch was released that it would work for me as well. And if it did not, I would assume that it was my setup and not the game at that point.