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Actually, Darth Vader nearly ended up having his head blow off by Boba Fett. Darth Vader was out to kill Fett at the time, but Fett outmaneuvered Vader and had the chance of shooting Vader in the head, but it would have called all of the Empire down on Fett's head so Fett didn't take the shot.

Unlikely, considering if he really had that kind of power at his disposal people would fear him to the point he wouldn't need a fleet, let alone a Death Star. Fact of the matter is I don't think Palpatine could have sustained the attack, or it would have killed him. That is probably why he didn't use the Force to that level of scale. As it is with his clone bodies, they deteriorated rapidly even before they were sabotaged, it was probably because of all that dark energy he was wielding, it ate away at the bodies in proportion to his force usage. The darkside appears to be extremely damaging to one's own body.

If the game had been more like the book, it would have been way cooler than it was. Heck there was even a whole planet that was left out of the game.

If we are talking in simple raw potential, that is true. However there is more to the fight than simple raw potential, Revan has some advantages over Vader. For starters he's quicker than Vader, furthermore he's a tactical genius (something Vader was not). Vader is uniquely vulnerable to a certain force power, all Revan needs is one opening. Furthermore, while still suffering from remnents of amnesia he took apart Malak's forces, turned Bastilla back to the light, totally more of Malak's forces, then single handedly took down Malak while Malak was augmented by the star forge. Revan still didn't have his full knowledge of the force back even at that point.

In raw potential, Vader may be stronger, but it is fairly safe to say that could give some pretty stiff competition against Vader, and despite being at a disadvantage could still win.

Exar Kun was an angry ghost that used genocide to steal away the lifeforce of his subjects to become that ghost. While he took down Skywalker, he did it using the force potential of a relatively untrained Kyp Durron, and he still couldn't get the boy to kill Skywalker. He spent the next few weeks trying to finish the job and failed miserably each time.

He ultimately ended up getting outsmarted by Corran Horn, then destroyed by a bunch of trainees and two children whom were barely out of diapers.

In all honesty, I think Exar Kun would be the first to die, I don't care how powerful he thinks he is, if he got defeated by a pair of toddlers and a bunch of trainees, he's not exactly the most intelligent sith if you know what I mean.
Granted, but I don't like that fight because Vader could so easily kill Fett. If a blind man could do it, why not Vader?

Reborn Sidious did that. Just visit Sidious' powers on the Wookieepedia and you'll see what he can and cannot do.

I know. The game had some good action in it, but the story was a bit bland.

I give Revan credit where credit is due. So yes, he pulled off impressive feats. But Vader could beat Revan in a one v one. They're both some of the greatest of their time, but Vader has done more impressive things in duels. He defeated Cin Drallig, arguably one of the Jedi Order's greatest Battlemasters. He defeated him while simultaneously fighting several other Jedi. He also almost defeated Obi-Wan Kenobi, the master of Soresu.

The NJO used the Wall of Light power that destroyed Kun's spirit. It took the full power of the NJO as well as Luke Skywalker to defeat him. The same Luke Skywalker that defeated Darth Sidious in a Lightsaber duel. But I do agree that Kun wasn't the smartest of Sith. There is a good chance of him getting beat early.
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