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They replace it with a 4 sec stun but wouldn't it have made since to add the stun in the knockback because Merc are a range DPS/Heal class. Instead they keep range classes closer to you than ever before. Its a stupid design for a stationary class and all the while buffing the melee classes.

This **** makes know sense.......
I didn't think they would sensor Get out the heck out [replace the heck with your favorite F-word]. According to the patch note it is an immobilize not a stun. The knockback had some situations that it was useful but it required delicate placement because the knockback itself was pure garbage. Smart melee know to stay in the middle of a ramp to avoid the knockback as much as possible from a talented Rocket Punch. Yes you might get an easy kill every now and then with a well timed knockback but you still get the AoE knockback. With the immobilze I can drop down and heal myself or get me that extra Tracer Missle + Railshot to kill them. With the Old Rocket Punch I would not be able to do that because they would have closed the distance in heartbeat.