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09.26.2012 , 09:45 AM | #1
Hey BioWare, thanks for that.

As of 1.4, CrossFire no longer works. Worked beautifully right up until this morning, but now with it on the game is a stuttery, laggy, unplayable mess.

Doesn't matter what settings. Doesn't matter what resolution.

Complete and utter ****show.

Game goes back to playable if I turn CF off, but that's a really stupid thing to have to do.

Saw this in the patch notes:
Trees and large moving objects now cast animated shadows in the game world. Shadows are smoother, and players will notice improved self-shadowing. Additionally, the shadow system has been optimized to increase performance. Players utilizing AMD Crossfire or Nvidia SLI options will see a boost in performance. To see these changes, the shader settings and shadow settings must be set to "high."
Definitely not. With Shader and Shadow settings to high, if I'm standing still I get my usual 100+ FPS (more like 70-80 with the new shadows, but that's still fine). Panning the camera, moving, or doing anything other than staring at a still screen (including having people move in front of me) drops that to 5-15 FPS.

I'm also experiencing the minimap flickering mentioned below. With everything set to minimum the map file itself just stutters back and forth a few pixels. With Shaders and Shadows set to High it actually flickers and only renders half the time.

Edit 2:
Just adding some basic system specs (not that it really matters, seems to be universally broken).
Core i5-2500K @ 4.5GHz
2x Radeon 5870 in CrossFireX. Driver version 12.8, Catalyst Application Profiles version 12.8 CAP3
Windows 7 64 bit SP1