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Saga @ Tomb of Freedon Nadd

Guild Language: English speaking but with multinational player base
Focus: PVE Progression

Eternity Vault: 5/5 NM 8man
Eternity Vault: 5/5 NM 16man
Karagga's Palace: 5/5 NM 8man
Karagga's Palace: 5/5 NM 16man
Explosive Conflict: 4/4 HM 8man
Explosive Conflict: 4/4 HM 16man
Terror From Beyond 2/5 HM 8man
Nightmare Pilgrim

Currently running multiple groups throughout the week clearing content on hardest difficulties both with main and alt groups. Currently Open for recruitment as we raid 5 days a week with multiple groups, theres always room for one more.