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09.26.2012 , 07:55 AM | #25
Hey, I read your post and all the other people who have posted about the guild. I just recently came back to the game after not playing since Jan. I have a 50 Sith Sorc. I healed before I left and never really DPS'd on her. I am wanting to make a tank to level up. I saw you guys need a tanks and heals on the Empire side so I figured I would ask what type of tank are you looking for? I made a Consular and was going to make him a Shadow tank but then I came across your post this morning while I am waiting for the game to come up so I figured I would ask and make whatever you needed, that is if you were willing to take on a new member I was hoping to go Republic this time around to see what it was like but I would rather play where I am needed. Thanks for your time.