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remember to participate without insta death will need one of three items: the Rakata AlphaWave Inhibitor, which can be purchased from the Mission Support Vendors for 30 Daily Commendations; the Gormak Energy-Cell AlphaWave Inhibitor, an Armstech-crafted consumable; or the Gormak Crystal AlphaWave Inhibitor, an Artifice-crafted consumable. Like i said there are three others we need to get for people to complete some of their stuff, so if less than 10 or 12 depending on gear have the mental assault buff items... we will go to prime evil then hoth sweep and hopefully by sunday a full op will have the protectiong crystals. Ill work on getting a few for people but im poor so lol few is very few. Need 3 tanks or two ******es and 3 heals now i can swap dps for heal and need range dps and all else... Lots of people gotta work hard for this but its worth it to do it and have done it. strategy is same as always keep em at same health then when nightmare gets to around 15percent smoke his buddy then all go to your debuffs switch enemies and be alert its not that bad. Its wicked as and one to remember..ty again msg icefang for any ?s