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Quote: Originally Posted by Khevar View Post
Recruit commando dps:
28% damage reduction (armor) + 15.15% damage reduction (expertise) = 43%
955 base damage + 17.86% damage boost (expertise) = 1125
366 bonus damage + 17.86% damage boost (expertise) = 431

Rakata (stock, unoptimised, no augments)
30% damage reduction (armor)
1095 base damage
498 bonus damage
Math is wrong on the damage reduction.

Recruit gives you 15.15% damage reduction on the 72% damage portion, or 10.9% "more" damage reduction.

28+10.9 = 38.9 vs 30%

This doesn't account for all damage types and such, though, so it's far from perfect.

Overall, Campaign >> Recruit unless you're a living training dummy. Recruit is crap in PvE, BM is ok for HM FPs and story tier 1 ops, WH is good for HM tier 1 ops and the lone HM tier 2 FP.

In fact, with some dailies you'll be able to equip BH secondary items (ear/implants/bracer/belt) on top of your fully augmented WH armor, and be just a tad under the campaign stuff. As a heal merc, I went quite some times in HM LI/EV/KP with this combo, and AFAIK, noone complains (WH blasters are a good bit better than Columi ones considering I replaced the expertise crystal).