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09.26.2012 , 06:15 AM | #1
Hey its me. Icefang. I am dead set on taking people who have a hard time with the weeklies involving nightmare pilgrim, gargath, and such. So this weekend friday through sunday I will be running on world bosses. Doing nightmare pilgrim first since he is hardest and needed three times for one mission. Then i want to get to hoth for some fast kills of both the world bosses. Crimson Valkerie guild is a fun Rp loving, gamers guild. We want these too and I have talked to a few other guild masters. I think we can get two op groups alternating on different bosses but one full op will be great. All are welcome who would like to come join in on what should be a blast. Its always fun killing these baddies, but i can only make myself available Friday 6-8 to put together the team(s) and same for saturday and sunday, thats EDT. Fight will start at 8:30 ish hopefully. If you would like to meet there and join thats ok. Will not be long fights like it used to be i imagine but who knows..we could rally up for this new op that is lookin good for anyone interested msg or mail me in game to Icefang. Hope to you see you there and hope to see alot of ya. That op after idea is a good should definately discuss it.. so pick up your debuff away for nightmare and come on down to voss with me and " The Crimson Valkerie " and have a blast and lets get these weeklies done. Later.