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Dromund Kaas


Today is my day.

When I wake up, I leave Gault lying on the couch. Not out of kindness. I don't remember sleeping in the makeshift rec room. I have distinct memories of going to my own room. I shake it away. I feel something close to giddiness. And it makes me want to enjoy this morning on my own. I put on some simple woven shirt. It's old and faded. I polish my armour for the occasion. Black. Shining with points like stars, red highlighting the shoulders. It glistens. I almost hum.

He smiles. 'You are a born killer. I will train you to become the greatest assassin. Innocent and heartless.' Always smiling. My cell is cold.

I do my routine workout. It forces other thoughts from my mind. Gault wakes up half way through my push ups. He mumbles something about 'no breakfast in bed' and winces at the lights in the ship. Mako runs down from her room, half dressed and still wet from the shower. All excited and jabbering to herself. I continue my work out.

I put on my armour. For such a small ship, it's easy to get lost in. Thank God. I grab something that I think is meant to be green from the galley and walk to the exit, eating noiselessly. Mako's already there, practically jumping on the spot. 'Today's the big day!' She prattles on about that father/mentor guy of hers, Braden, being proud. He was killed a few days after I arrived by the leading Mando opposition, Tarro Blood, before the Hunt even began. Tarro died just like all the other competition. Despite his dirty, honourless tricks to stop me. I made that f***er bleed. Righteous revenge really is sweet.

I listen silently to her constant stream of crap. She doesn't need to know I couldn't give a f*** about Braden.

The travel across Dromund Kaas is long.