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Fanfiction of female Bounty Hunter.
Romance x Torian Cadera, action, drama, angst, strange comedy at points, the usual.

Follows Bounty Hunter storyline and includes a massive back story and the such - set at the end of the Great Hunt (Act One) and will eventually contain relationship and story spoilers. Will probably be very long, but updated frequently! Please give it a chance!

Italics = flashback or thoughts

Below is a short synopsis of the character and story if you want to know what you're in for.


WARNING: By the way, there's some 'distressing' or 'disturbing' content... i.e. torture. Will put spoiler around this.
Also, since eventually this thread will have spoilers eventually there won't be any around them so you have bee warned...

Boring disclaimer/copyrights:

Please comment and give feedback! Just once or frequently as it goes! Will always be appreciated
Please keep reading past the prolouge and at least till the end of Hoth.... haven't finished writing since I'm doing it as I play and the such. Will update heaps so please be patient!


When I Wake


Undefined planet before the start of Act One

I was cleaning my armour when he calls.

Despite my best efforts, the blood from my earlier interrogations had dried on. The Captain had taken longer than I expected. He had wiped the terminal when he heard me massacring the troops and coming his way, so it was back to old fashioned methods. Eventually, he told me the location of the covert Republic base here. And the security codes. Didn't need him after that. Suppose I could say I gave him a clean death at the end, only I had made too much of a mess of him in the three hours earlier.

Would have gone after the bounty straight away but it's day outside and dried blood is harder to clean off then wet. I'll go after the target at dusk. Isn't more than two clicks from here. I look around at where 'here' is as I search for my holo. The cave is dark and a little damp; it seethes through the bottom of the tent like a poison. I don't mind. I'm at the back of the cave, traps set all down the cave from the opening to here. Nothing will make it to me alive.

This bounty shouldn't be too hard. These bounties are a waste of my talents. But I suppose I need to prove myself good enough for the Great Hunt somehow. Hope they are good enough to attract attention. And I was in the area anyway. Had some personal business to take care of. I'll hit the underground base tomorrow night.

I accept the call. The tiny, blue flittering figure that appears is a man. He's middle aged. Human. Bald with hard creases around his mouth. Still in rather good shape, otherwise.

'So do you want in? I have a team ready; we only need a hunter.'

Guy said his name was Braden. Suits him. He has a team ready for the Great Hunt and wants me to be their hunter. Opportunity I'd been waiting for. Not much else suits my talents but hunting. Guess I also want to prove I can do it on my own: my targets, my rules and my money. Don't know why it should matter, though. General's dead. And I've been killing for ten years, so capability to kill is proven. So I suppose I just want to burn my name through the stars as a warning to the Republic of what is to come.

This is the twelfth planet in the five months. But I don't want to be an unknown force to most of the galaxy, unheard of to those who aren't in the Organisation. I want fame. I want the galaxy to know who burns their Empire and Republic. I want them to despise themselves for the monster they created; the beast their leaders, soldiers and scientists crafted and fashioned.

I want to make this galaxy as ugly as I am; to shatter and break their charade of beauty, of justice and of good. And then I want them to beg for mercy. No one deserves to live.


'You got yourself a hunter. Just tell me where.'

Braden smiles. It's relieved. 'Hutta. Great Hunt starts in two months. When can we expect you?'

'Be there in three weeks. Got a few things to wrap up here.'

He frowns a little. 'Can't be sooner? Cutting it a little close.'

'I like it close.' I hang up.

Great Hunt, huh? Opportunity all bounty hunters and most Mandalorians want. It's an annual tournament held by Mando's to determine the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy. All targets are high profile and hard to get. Each target has two bounty hunters going after it. Hunters must eliminate the competition and the target. Failure to do so is death. The victor receives wealth and fame. Both mean little to me.

I live for revenge. I hate this galaxy. And I just like a challenge.

I hum as I clean the blood off my armour. Everything according to plan.