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What happened to us was that boss one shooted a tank with 23k hit without even casting breath of masters on him.

It happened 2 times. Boss wasn't enraged for sure, and tanks wasnt knocked back to circle.

Has it ever occured to you guys? Are we missing something?

Thanks for answers.
Well this happens if Your tank isn't knocked back far enough. So for instance if Your tank has a wall behind his back and Kephesh will knock him to that wall the tank will get one additional hit and that will be one-shot. Since we learned not to tank him in that phase with a wall behind tanks that never happened (although we had weird glitch once or twice that Kephesh changed his target without any particular reason: one tank was putting the circles, other was taking a beating and in the middle of that phase Kephesh suddenly decided to jump to circle putting tank, which was one shot as well).