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09.25.2012 , 11:38 PM | #64
ive always been a Revan fan but even if i werent i'd say he'd win hands down. he's always been regarded as one possibly the most powerful person of his day and possibly ever to exist (atleast from when that qoute was mentioned) but his skills were just superior too. bane would be nothing without revan's guidance and knowledge of the force is obviously one of revan's strong points. revan defeated mandalore so he def has the physical skill. it has been said often he was a master at force lightning (which is vader's biggest weakness) and his mastery of dual wielding or all forms for that matter. he has complete balance of the force mastering light and dark so who knows how strong he could truly get. kun is probly the only suitable match for him but even then revan to me has the clear advantage. plus revan's feats are huge, he gets things done. so for me its revan>kun>bane/vader (bane and vader are pretty equal to me)
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