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Force Potential isn't everything, Boba Fett fought Darth Vader on multiple occasions even to a draw at times, and Fett wasn't force sensitive.

Seriously if Sidious' lighting was that powerful why did he need a Death Star? He could fire force lightning in a space suit if that were the case...

Fact of the matter is you're just looking at video game mechanics, Vader's insulation had been damaged allowing Starkiller to force lightning Vader into submission according to the Novel, generally the Novel trumps the videogame.

He'd probably be evenly matched in strength with Bane.

I don't think any of these guys are push overs, I know there are a lot of haters out there, but Revan accomplished some pretty impressive feats, he isn't exactly a slouch with a lightsaber nor is he a slouch when it comes to the force.

My analysis had nothing to do with raw potential whom is arguably the strongest, it boils down to simple logic. The first person to attack is most likely the first one to die, because he opens himself up to attack from the other two.

Vader was able to take on multiple Jedi at once because they had to avoid hitting each other, and Vader was able to use that, cause he could strike with impunity.

This fight is a four way slug fest, there aren't any allies, so in being the first to attack and/or first engaged means you're all tied up fighting with one person and the other two people can and will attack with impunity.

Revan is most likely to survive it because he's the most patient, the least likely to be the first one to attack, and probably wouldn't waste time with taunts either, so he's the least likely to be the one that is first attacked, and he's the least likely to be the first attacker.

Bane may know patience, but Exar Kun is bound to get on Bane's nerves. So the initial combatants are probably going to be Bane vs Kun. Bane's resistance to lightsabers means that only Revan or Exar Kun can take him down. The others will figure out Bane's resistance fairly quickly, Vader would probably go in to take down Exar Kun. Revan will probably force lighting Bane along with Vader for good measure.
You really think Boba Fett could fight Darth Vader to a draw? okay then. If Vader had actually wanted to kill Fett, he would have done so, easily.

I've asked myself that question many times, but I know the answer. The Death Star created fear. That was its main purpose- to put fear into those who would resist him. After the Empire fell and Sidious was reborn, he showed the full power of the Dark Side. He used his mastery of Force Lightning to create Force Storms in space.

never bothered to read the novel because I found the game to be a bit lackluster.

Most likely

But compared to Vader, Revan loses badly.

Patience can only get him so far. Once it comes down to him versus Vader or Kun, he will lose. Vader has killed some of the greatest of Jedi ever. And Kun almost destroyed the NJO post-humously. Revan could never do that.
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