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Quote: Originally Posted by Aurbere
And the Chosen One had the potential to be the greatest being ever to exist. Born from the Force itself, Anakin could have been even more powerful than Luke (though not by much). He ended up being 80% of Sidious' power. And Sidious is more powerful than any before him by leaps and bounds. This automatically makes Vader greater than these other combatants.
Ah-hah-hah, ahhh-No. Anakin had the potential to be 2x stronger than Sidious. That's it. Becoming a Cyborg dropped him to 80% of Darth Sidious, which is an utterly meaningless statement. If they are trying to use Sid as a benchmark for Sith then that would mean others were as powerful if not moreso than him. This is, of course, not true because there is no powerscaling for Star Wars. Thus the "80% Sid" bit is completely meaningless and always has been. And it doesn't make him automatically better than everyone else as we've seen him lose to Starkiller several times and have problems fighting a clone of Darth Maul and Celeste Morne, who had been in hibernation for almost four millennium.

The lightning that Starkiller used against Vader was amplified by Kamino's lightning towers.
As already said by GarfieldJL, that was Game Mechanics. Starkiller doesn't use the towers in the Novel. I know, I read the damn thing in less than week. When SK escaped Kamino, he had shocked Vader and blew out a wall to reach a landing pad. SK returned there a week later and faced Vader again, who'd improved the insulation in his suit, and still SK stunned him with Force Lightning that penetrated the insulation. This was before Juno had taken SK's fallen lightsaber and created a rent in Vader's armor that SK then shot his lightning into to cripple Vader.

Had Vader been weak to lightning, he would have died.
No. Had Starkiller continued to rip into him with Force Lightning, Vader would've died. But since Vader is protected by Plot Continuity, he clearly couldn't be allowed to die. Otherwise, Starkiller would've murdered him, or Kota would've.

Yes, compared to these guys, Vader is slow. But his raw physical strength could overwhelm any opponent.
Not especially, no. Anyone who knows how to use their speed effectively can take down those stronger than themselves. A shot to the throat, the joints and other vulnerable points on the body could put Vader on the ground regardless of the strength granted by his prosthetics.

I highly doubt Revan could absorb one Kun's force blasts. Blasts that can destroy durasteel walls.
Starkiller blew out a durasteel wall with just TK. I don't see the difference. The Consular in SWTOR exploded a blast door with several telekinetic blasts. And in KoToR Revan had already been said to unleash storms of lightning that took out scores of "The One's" Rakatan Warriors. Despite Durasteel's claim of resilience and strength, in SW it has been shown to be far too easy to cut through and break.

I'm sorry to say, but Revan doesn't have a chance going up against any of these guys. Exar Kun has better saber skills and Force power. Bane destroys Revan with his pure strength and Force power. Vader is the better duelist and has far more power at his command than Revan. Even his tactical skills won't help much here.
All I can get from this is "hate revan hate revan hate revan hate revan".

Revan has the highest chance of winning here. Exar Kun lost his war inside a few years. Revan won the Mando Wars, left, came back and started the Jedi Civil war and was winning, survived betrayal by Malak, regained his Force Powers a year later, and then beat every who's ever faced him as well as defeating Malak in the Star Forge while Malak was being amplified by the Star Forge and the dozen Jedi he'd captured and used to rejuvinate himself with. The only one who had ever actually defeated Revan was the Sith Emperor, Darth Vitiate, who may very well be one of the most powerful Dark Side users in the SWU.

Quote: Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
Bane's resistance to lightsabers means that only Revan or Exar Kun can take him down.
That's not technically true. You could still cut his head off as that and his wrists were the only unprotected parts of his body. However that is assuming that this is Bane with the Orbalisk armor in play, and not Bane at his peak which is after losing it, when he acquired more Sith Knowledge and Force techniques. He may have lost his armor, but he learned to fight more efficiently because he'd become more vulnerable to attack. That forced him to pefect his defenses against the Force, melee combat and blasters.
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