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I play a Shadow tank (the tank with the highest spikiness of incoming damage) and I've never found spikiness to be all that much of a complex survivability factor. With 30% defense chance and 65% shield chance, there's only a 6% chance that any 2 consecutive attacks would be normal hits. The only time that would actually kill a tank is against phase 2 Kephess, wherein the tank should be burning a CD anyways, further reducing the chance of consecutive attacks getting through.
The point is, I prefer to reduce the RNG in my mitigation by improving my change to mitigate than by increasing how much is mitigated. Proc is good for mean mitigation, but point for point, Defence is better for mean mitigation. How many tanks do you see stacking Defence?

IMO the Absorb proc relic is similar to the Sage AoE in PvP. The numbers look great but it doesn't actively keep anyone alive.