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The Guild: Of Calamitous Intent is recruiting.

Are you a Casual player who likes to play the game for fun?
Are you a veteran of the MMO community who hates elitist attitudes?
Are you new to MMO's and are wishing to learn more about the game?
Are you a player looking for a friendly environment to play in?
If the moon was made of BBQ Spare Ribs, would you eat it?

If you answered yes, then we may just be the guild for you..

A little about us: We are a small (but hoping to change that) casual/moderate playing PvP/PvE Guild with a laid-back, friendly attitude (that will get down with a hardcore mentality when it comes to game content) on the Prophecy of the Five server (we started on Sword of Ajunta Pall server) for the Republic. We like to do FP's, OPS, Heroics and pretty much any other PvE content the game has to offer. We also like to PvP, but due to the hit we took after GW2 and Planet Side, our PvP 50 team has diminished severely...., but you can change that... Our overall goal is to have fun and enjoy the game, of course killing a few imps along the way is a plus We use Mumble for Voice Chat. We always help out another Guild Member in need. The Guild started with a group of real life friends and we are expanding that friendship out. A guild where it's members are friends and cordial towards one another, is a guild that succeeds. We offer a friendly environment for any and all players. Sometimes we just log on for a few and just chat with each other while our characters are doing crewskills.

Our guild offers:
1. A friendly, laid back environment to play the game and enjoy questing and conversation.
2. Resource sharing to all members (mains have priority over alts) and alt leveling.
3. 6 bay Guild Bank.
4. If you are not lvl 55, our members have multiple alts that we can use to help you reach 55 (not power leveling, just someone to level with). You will not be required to be lvl 50, we want you to enjoy the story as much as we did.
5. Your first speeder training costs are on us (main only).
6. New players who wish (and are willing) to learn are more than welcome.
7. Datacron retrieval.
8. The opportunity to kill as many imperials as possible
9. We use Teamspeak for voice chat (Required for PvP and endgame raids. It is free to download).
10. Zero-tolerance on harassment of any kind.
11. A loot rule of: Greed everything, only Need if YOUR character (not companions or alts) needs it. But, you can always ask the group and we are normally very accommodating..
12. No guild fees until lvl 55(we do not need them because we share resources and offer credits to members when needed).
13. No requirement to delete any of your alts (the only reason I put that is because of a thread about the guild telling a member to delete their alts).

Our raid nights are on the weekends (Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday), but we can accommodate if need be..

If interested, send me a PM or contact Jenica (Dethen, Cheanna, Kaeble, Vullkan, Vasa'lisa, Sho-nuf), Draski (Feyd-Rautha, Vallyz, Valize), Erkbuster (Jethrobuster, Erkbusters) in game. We do not offer Rusty Ventures to new members, but we may offer Action Johnnys... We hope to see you soon.
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