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Usually I am in a group that goes after the fat one on the right first ( the one who pins), then the one on the left, then the commander. That always seems to work.

The other night a lot of weirdness happened where the fatty would pin me (the DPS) and before I knew it the entire mob aggroed on me and I died instantly. I think the healer died first which is always a bad thing. I can't remember if the tank had survived to that point.
well these days with current gear and augments on every slot everything works ... you can even split the dps and kill them all at the same time ... but that's not the point. The most efficient way is to kill the mid one asap and have your tank actually tank the other two making the fight a simple and efficient tank and spank.

What i find strange about KUS though is how many ridiculously complicated tacts people tend to use on the turret "boss", where personally i find it so much more simple to do it the way it was designed to be done - just stand there and kill stuff