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Hi everyone!

I just started playing the game a week ago, when I found it at Walmart for $14.99.

At the beginning - maybe a year ago, I heard about SWTOR, and how good it was supposed to be. I couldn't wait to buy it. Finally I got it and I love it!

I heard that lots of players quit, there were server merges a few days ago, read a few bad comments about the game on facebook... and I'm wondering what the heck is bad with the game? Why did people quit?

Right now it's my favorite MMO. I'm still new with not much experience, but from what I've seen so far the game is just well made and interesting. I love the class stories, legacies, companions and your relations with them, the crafting system, etc.

The game in general looks EPIC.

I'm a long-time WoW player, but I got fed up with it. And now with the upcoming new expansion we gonna have pandas in the game.. yeah pandas. Those Chinese bears. In Warcraft. That's right.... daaaaamn. O.o
Being a trekker (yeah you can throw me with the Rancor), I tried Star Trek Online, and geeeeeeez it sucks big time! One good thing about it is space combat. That's it. On the ground the play is clumsy and frustrating, there's too much techno-babble, and the game is just too much instanced. Often I felt like playing a single player game...

Hence I'm sticking with SWTOR.

SWTOR is planning to go f2p soon... I really do hope it's going to help and attract new players.
As for me, I'm going to stick to my monthly subscription. I have no problem paying Bioware a monthly fee for a game that I really enjoy playing.

All this to say that I enjoy the game very much and I hope Bioware and company will keep the game running and developing new content!

And the community in-game is very friendly too!

See you in game!!