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I did post here twice, and I have to say these news are absolutely incredible. So we will get our wish come true.

Just one question. Who is Makeb?? is he going to be a new character to play?? so this means that my beloved Ceriddwen won't get a romance option?? that is sad....

of will he be a new NPC?? what about the ones who are already lvl 50?? so many questions...

Makeb is a new planet they are introducing, some time in the near future, which will include story progression along with new missions and so on. Details at this point are scarce. They tend not to let a lot out in advance.

As far as we can infer from what we have been told to date, there will be same-gender romances available with some existing companions. We don't know which, or how those will be tied it. There are a lot of unanswered questions still. But we do now know, definitively, that SGRs have not been scrapped and are on the way, in spite of what some doomsayers have supposed.

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So far, there are no new companions planned for that besides possibly the HK droid...which probably won't be the SGRA option.
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