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I'm still woefully behind on being able to afford a Level 3 Speeder for any of my characters (too busy leveling alts in stories , but I just wanted to say this is an awesome idea and I hope it has a good turn out! Post the results and turnout?
Thank you! I didn't even think of about posting the results but that's a great idea, I will definitely have to do that. Also, rank 3 speeder training is not a requirement, though it would probably be a big advantage. Maybe if enough people with rank 2 speeders show up we can do two races, one for rank 2 speeders only and one for rank 3.

Quote: Originally Posted by Darthcrawdaddy View Post
I don't would be better to see a bunch of level 1s race somewhere. a bunch of 50 able to just brush off any attacks is no fun.
Well if this goes well then I hope to plan more speeder races in the future, some on lower level planets. (would love to have one on Tatooine) the only reason Belsavis was chosen was because this was the first planet I mapped out for a race, also because the course is rather confusing unless you are really familiar with the planet, so hopefully that will add some challenge. As for 50's being able to brush off attacks, I'll talk to my guild and see about possibly adding some... um... "hazards" to the course that would slow down level 50's... no promises on that though.