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The instagib debuff is called Touch of the Masters, and the big knockback hit applies it. Technically you can taunt between the knockback and the Breath of the Masters cast - in this case, the tank with the Touch debuff is going to be standing around doing nothing, while the other tank is going to have Kephess on him AND be dropping purple circles. Ideally you want to taunt during Breath of the Masters, so that Breath goes on the tank with Touch, and Kephess immediately goes after the other tank as soon as Breath is done casting.

If your tank is getting instagibbed before the first Breath finishes casting, it's possible you still have a Savage Wounding bleed from before Gift, and that is triggering Touch. If the fatal hit is for EXACTLY your max hp, you know you got killed by something triggering Touch, despite what the in-game window tells you.
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