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09.25.2012 , 11:06 AM | #769
If vanity isn't an issue, go download ZMUD/CMUD and play the SW muds. But, they gave us graphics here, you know, something to look at, not just words. Vanity is a real issue. Being visually immersed in the game, is part of the game, being able to take the role of my character and saving the galaxy, with my hood DOWN, is a BIG DEAL to me. Just as being able to wear a robe at all, without my character butt being the biggest part of my character. They've finally fixed that, in v1.4. Finally, it was cursed about since beta. Lightsaber crystal colours was another one. Playing ANY game with graphics is all about vanity. Yes, we want our characters to look nice, we want our characters to be unique, we want our characters to look the role we imagine them to be. Be it a black robed human, with their hood down, running around with a red lightsaber following the Jedi code more fluently than any of the NPC masters or some brown robed Chiss, with their hood up, wielding a purple lightsaber while hiding the fact that they use the dark side.

Would anyone really play SWTOR if we were stick figures? Of course, graphics are an issue, vanity is an issue, becoming our character is an issue. So, please, don't come in here trolling about "Oh, this is not an important concern, how can it be over this and this and this.". Don't pretend yours has nothing to do with graphics.

Ever since this game started accepting money, we've had to fight to get our desires known. Our characters were stuck to blue, green, and yellow lightsabers, people quoting movies (that haven't even happened yet in this timeline) as lore for this game. Our characters having hundreds of brillo pads shoved in our butt area and our hoods being forced to stay up. Many of us have waited, many of us have left, because these issues were never focused on.

And there were many people who countered with - "What does it matter if you have a purple lightsaber, if your butt is big, if you can toggle your hood down or not?" - It's my money and my time, that's what matters. I purchased the game, I pay a monthly fee, and I decide what is worth my money.

I don't want to spend my money running around with my fat butt robes, wielding a blue lightsaber, unable to show my face. If I wanted to play a Trooper, I'd have made one, I want to play a Jedi Knight. Sure, they addressed some of these issues, as minor ones. Even had us pay extraordinary prices just to be able to buy purple crystals for a limited time, now they're available in game as a PvP item, and you got to work up to it. They took off the requirements for other colours, even threw in a bunch of other crud. But, still, why am I only now, 9 months later, on a PUBLIC TEST SITE, able to see MY character without a giant butt?

Yes, 9 months, to remove a giant butt. 9 months, still stuck to red, blue, green, and yellow in artifice. 9 months, adaptive armour is only on "vendor sold" orange armour. 9 months, and I can't even yank my hood down to see these wonderful new "emotions" they're offering us in v1.4. Yes, I'm vain, graphics matter to me, and I'm a little sick of spitting out dollar after dollar for empty promises to what *I* deem important.