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My opinion on that matter is - If You want to raid find Yourself a raiding guild... There are tenths of recruitment messages spamming general all day everyday.

Adding hard modes to group finder is really tragic idea... Seriously most of PUGs arent even capable of doing KP SM since the idea of 3-element Tower of Hanoi puzzle is to much for them to understand (or even something even more complex, story from 2 days ago - Denova SM PUG - one dude that claimed to do that instance before died 5 times in a row due to the fact he failed to manage a mechanic to stand as close to railshot droid as possible....). People come to raids without any knowledge of the instance (which isn't really that bad as far as they are capable of not standing in red circles and following the whole group if it moves to different spot... but seriously many fail even with such a complex task), and for the worst part they don't know how to play their class. And to do HMs You kinda want to know Your class... because it is around that level where DPSers doing as much DPS as tank are kinda not enough.

So I'm totally against it... Denova SM - sure, but after a kind of nerf i think, since it is a bit more demanding and unforgiving than other SMs, but HMs - no way. So if You want to play casually and for fun You have GF for 2 SMs even can go to Denova PUG since there are tons of those running, but if You think about gearing and raiding HMs and stuff like that - get Yourself more or less casual raiding guild and stop whining. It is MMO - start socialise with other ppl.
Seriously? And having hard mode ops in group finder is going to affect you how?