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It's all about syntax and it's also a simple mathematic binary equation to definy what "that" character is.

First, define the 4 variables:

GOOD GOAL: Aiding the Republic (because whatever you can say, this represent democracy, freedom, equality etc even if it isn't perfect and also corrupted by who rule it), also protecting the weaks, the innocents, build a better galaxy for everyone (not only an elite, force users or not), and so on

EVIL GOAL: Aiding the Empire (because as it was said before, the Empire it's discriminatiory, tyrannical, make a mistake = your life it's forfeit without any judgement, too much power on few hands, and so on again), make innocent ppl and weaks suffer, further selfish interests, etc.

GOOD APPROACH (likewise LS allign.): beign nice, try to not sacrifice anybody if possibile, beign honourable, don't betray the trust of the others, help when you can, etc.

EVIL APPROACH (likewise DS allign.): beign rude and/or ruthless, betray the trust of the others, killing everybody that stands in your way, and ahead of that.

That said, there are also 4 different definitions based on this 4 variables:

GOOD GOAL + GOOD APPROACH = HERO (you are an Hero, you embody paragon's virtue, altruism, blablabla)
EVIL GOAL + EVIL APPROACH = VILLAIN (you're the VERY bad guy/girl, just the opposite of the Hero in every sense)
GOOD GOAL + EVIL APPROACH = Anti - HERO also VIGILANTE (you pursuit a good goal, you try to make things better but you're also ruthless and cruel against who oppose your objectives; i can't think than a better testimonial than The Punisher)
EVIL GOAL + GOOD APPROACH = for the commutative proprety, you're an Anti - VILLAIN, also ROGUE in some DC/Marvel comics (your aims are questionable, but you mantain honour and a code of conduct very stricly and someway merciful, "good", helpful against the weaks)

An example of this last kind of character can be


So, that's said, your character should be an Anti- Villain or at least, something beetwen the Rogue and the Villain itself.