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09.25.2012 , 03:45 AM | #66
I used to play an MMO called IMAGINE Online. They had these things called Fortune Cards.

Bascially, You spent real money on points to play these Fortune Cards which have really awesome gear but the odds of getting anything that good was very low.

It's how I was grabbed by the balls for 4 months wasting my money on pixels. I used to spend $80 every two weeks on these fortune cards to get the gear I wanted but hardly ever did. I won from time to time but thats it. They would constantly keep changing the Fortune Cards with new items to make you keep spending money.

I learned my lesson, and didn't realize I was basically throwing my money out the window so easily. Gambling is very bad folks, don't become a victim like me and it sucks knowing your the only person that was at fault and the developers are walking away with lots of your cash laughing.

I WILL NOT BE PARTICIPATING IN THESE GAMBLING BOXES! I don't care how enticing they are.